NEMA®|Power Model – “Visualize System Power consumption”

High power consumption and short battery life is becoming the limiting factor in the amount of functionality and reliability of todays connected display devices. To achieve the best balance between power and performance for a display device, graphics hardware and software resources need to be exploited to their full extend. Developing power-optimized graphics software is inherently complex; therefore, a smart analysis tool becomes a crucial instrument for the programmer.

The newly introduced NEMA®|Power-Model is a tool which enables programmers to identify and optimize the most energy consuming parts in their graphics software application, estimating power consumption based on the data captured by the build-in PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit). The tool estimates with high accuracy the energy consumption per component for each software application section, enabling at the same time the easy and fast integration of new custom developed power-estimation methods. The easy-to-use GUI enables programmers to monitor, analyze and visualize the “power-hungry” parts of the application, helping them to make every application utmost power efficient, without sacrificing graphics and image processing performance. The tool currently works on Android/Linux OS (Future OS: Windows, MAC and additional MCU/MPUs).

The NEMA®|Power-Model toolchain builds on technology co-developed within the LPGPU2 project (EU H2020 funded project under GA 688759) and the CodeXL infrastructure (released recently as an open-source project by AMD®). The consortium of the project consists by EU-based graphics experts from TU Berlin, Samsung Research UK, Codeplay, Think Silicon®, and Spin Digital.


Customized NEMA®|Power-Model environment showing live measurements