NEMA®|SHADER-Edit “Generating optimal vertex and fragment shaders”

The new era of our visual world and the Internet of Things (IoT) has put extended battery life and low-cost at the top of the requirements’ list for products like wearables, home appliances, home automation/control, cameras, etc. while at the same time these products should offer a “smartphone-like” experience for the end-user. By effectively utilizing the full potentials of a GPU, developers can increase graphics rendering performance on an embedded device significantly providing the best visual experience.

NEMA®|SHADER-Edit enables developers to focus on their core business avoiding the burden of compiling (online) shaders. Its minimal design approach allows to use it easily and generate optimal GLSL shaders without the need for a deeper knowledge of the internal operation of the NEMA®|tS toolchain (NEMA®|tiny – 3D GPU , NEMA®|Small – 3D GPU).

The easy-to-use graphical environment of the NEMA®|SHADER-Edit tool, allows the smooth and fast generation of NEMA®|t – 3D GPU executables, informing the programmer in case of a conflict and offering statistics numbers of required load/store instructions and execution cycles, enabling further optimization. It also translates the given vertex and fragment shaders into a program binary format offline, which is a very useful path for applications that wish to remain portable by shipping pure ESSL source shaders, yet would like to avoid the cost of compiling their shaders at runtime. The current version of this application covers the version 1.00 of the ESSL including disassembly functionality that can be further used for debugging purposes.

NEMA®|SHADER-Edit is developed within the frame of the GPU-WEAR project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 717850).


NEMA®|SHADER-Edit GUI environment