NEMATM|SHADER-Edit is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the NEMA|tS Toolchain. It is an easy-to-use editor with an integrated compiler. The editor can be used for compiling vertex and fragment shaders written in OpenGL®  Shading Language (GLSL). NEMATM|SHADER-Edit allows GLSL programmers to easily build and debug the input shaders without the need for a deeper knowledge of the internal operation of NEMA|tS toolchain.

Its minimal design approach allows every user to use it easily and generate optimal vertex and fragment


NEMATM |SHADER-Edit checks if a shader can be build for a specific target (e.g., NEMA|t, NEMA|S, or any Nema vertex processor) and informs the programmer in case of a conflict (e.g., not all input shaders can be built for NEMA|t due to its limited instruction set architecture). It also offers statistics for VLIW utilization, load/store instructions, and the number of required execution cycles.
The NEMATM|SHADER-Edit is user-friendly and allows ease generation of NEMA executables. The editor also includes disassembly functionality that can be used for debugging purposes.
Given an input fragment or vertex shader, NEMATM|SHADER-Edit is able to generate and visualize the following information:

  • SPIR-V IR under Vulcan Semantics
  • C++ with Nema intrinsic functions
  • NEMA assembly
  • ELF objects and executable
  • NEMA disasssembly
  • Various code-level statistics




NEMATM|SHADER-Edit supports Vertex and Fragment shaders.  The user can set up the configuration constraints from the drop-down menus on the right side of the GUI. When the shader program is ready and the configuration is setup properly, the user can compile the program by pressing the build button. 


After successfully building a shader program, two extra options are available, the Nema C++ and the Nema
Assembly. By ticking these options pop-up windows that show the C++ and the Assembly code will show. This information can be used for debbuging purposes.


nemacpp assembly


For further information please download the NEMATM|SHADER-Edit adobe-pdf-document-icon.