Think Silicon® is the only no compromise graphics solution for cost sensitive / battery-powered products offering System on Chip optimized GPU & Display Controller \u201ccores\u201d.

This allows products which deliver Low System Power, Low System Cost, and High Performance

Our solutions uniquely enable cost sensitive products to have "smartphone like" graphical user interfaces and/or "gaming class" graphics speed.

  • Wearables: sports bands, smart watches, AR/VR, medical
  • Low cost mobile phones: feature phones, low end smartphones
  • Other: home automation, home appliances, office equipment

Working closely with our customers we have built a portfolio of silicon proven products.

  • Scalable & modular GPU & Display Controller designs
  • Drivers & API Software
    • Industry standards based - Android, Industry Standard Open Graphics APIs
    • Higher performance proprietary - NEMA®|GFX-API
  • Powerful SDK including easy-to-use GUI design tools
  • Evaluation / development kits
  • FPGA - based implementations

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