Ultra Low Power Graphics News

Welcome to the first edition of our ULTRA-LOW POWER GRAPHICS NEWS:

We are thrilled launching Thinks Silicon's first “Ultra-Low Power Graphics" Newsletter.
In the future we will update you with the latest developments, news, white-paper ,
scientific talks, etc. everything revolving around ultra-low power  GPU technology.

Thank you!

Ulli Mueller
Vice President Marketing & Sales


In this issue:

  • Several billions of IoT devices expected to hit the market:  how many will have a display?
  • Sequans Monarch SX:  Single-chip LTE M1 & NB1 solution with NEMA|pico 2.5D GPU
  • Lattice ICE40:  Ultra-low power graphics acceleration for tiny FPGA
  • Think Silicon - NEMA|GFX-API:  Why is a fast & lightweight graphics API so important?