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Collaborations between companies and universities are critical drivers of the innovation economy. These relationships have long been a mainstay for Think Silicon’s research and development — from creating the knowledge foundations for the next generation of solutions, to serving as an extended “workbench” to solve short-term, incremental problems, to providing a flow of newly minted talent. As many companies look to open innovation to augment their internal R&D efforts, universities have become essential partners for Think Silicon.

We are looking to universities to anchor an increasingly broad set of innovation activities, especially those grounded in engaging with regional innovation ecosystems.

The recent project with the local University of Patras (Greece) is a successful example of a regional innovation ecosystem through its collaborative relationship with its Professors and Students (see article about Backlight Compensation Algorithms below). Extended collaborations with leading research institutions in Germany (Technical University of Berlin, Ruhr-University Bochum, Technical University of Aachen) and the Netherlands ( Delft University of Technology) are among the most visible innovation ecosystems, where universities are essential stakeholders in an innovation community that includes Think Silicon S.A, governmental bodies / European Union entities (Horizon 2020), venture investors, and entrepreneurs.

As a technology company we are constantly seeking to open up new avenues of engagement with a broader innovation ecosystem to exploit advances in semiconductor technologies.

Think Silicon has answers!

Ulli Mueller, VP Marketing & Business Development, Think Silicon

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