What our customers say about us

"Sequans chose Think Silicon because of their ultra low power GPU capabilities that support our ongoing delivery of industry-leading chipset solutions with superior price/performance. Our IoT customers will benefit from Think Silicon’s state-of-the-art graphics and display controller technology now inside Monarch SX."

-Bertrand Debray,         Chief Operating Officer at Sequans Communications S.A.


"The IP is highly configurable, allowing precise fit to our specific needs, even supporting ultra low power applications. The RTL is efficient, concise, and we were able to close timing quickly with better than expected performance numbers."

-Jeff Harms          External IP Coordinatior at Microchip Technology Inc.


"Think Silicon combines top-notch engineering capability in high performance graphics IP technology with a lean structure that supports efficient execution and expanding industry partnerships. The GPU-WEAR project – which is being supported by EU’s highly selective (2.7% success rate) SME Instrument programme – is a testament to the remarkable potential of Think Silicon's GPU architectures addressing ultra-low power and area limited IoT applications. As part of the advisory board, I look forward to continue working with the highly committed leadership team and steering their ambitious business plans."


-Costis Kompis          CTO of  DigitalMR  and Innovation Manager of Vodera , UK


"eNitiatives IP conducts a technology due diligence before partnering with any start up. As part of that, we held several calls and meetings, including two days at their facility in Greece, where we reviewed the technology in depth, both current developments, and future implementations. We are confident that the technology is with merit, and implemented according could more than double battery life of mobile and IoT devices."


-Ophir Marco          Patent Attorney Specializing in Startups, Israel




"Think Silicon GPU multicore technology is of utmost interest also in GPGPU applications. Nema GPUs are based on a versatile architecture that can be fully customized at both hardware and software level. These features open ample room at Virtual Open Systems to design innovating FPGA virtualization solutions based on GPU acceleration to boost performance, to reduce CPU workload thus optimizing OPEX and CAPEX in many market segments such as core/edge networking, cloud computing, c-ran, etc."


-Daniel Raho          Director at VOSYS, France




"Using Think Silicon’s highly scalable architecture, we were able to rapidly develop a proof of concept graphics solution for CES 2016. Having the ability to dynamically select resolution and frame rate, we could immediately demonstrate to our customers trade-offs of graphic performance and power consumption. We could not of done this without the dedication and professionalism of the Think Silicon team."


-Keith Odland          Senior Director of Marketing,  Ambiq Micro


“In close cooperation with Think Silicon, Dialog successfully integrated the ThinkVG graphical process unit in its latest high end VoIP processor the SC14453.”


-Rene Kohlman          Chief Technology Officer and Technical Director at Dialog Semiconductor B.V



"Think Silicon, has uniquely developed licensable cores for very low “system” cost (small die area), very low “system” power (battery powered), and at the same time high performance GPUs (graphics processing units) and Display Controllers that are intended for integration into SoCs and MPUs. The company’s IP technology is an attractive and potentially groundbreaking solution for battery powered AR headsets with integrated GPUs in the near term and for VR headsets in the longer term."

-Mark Willner          Experienced Electronic Display Industry Executive, X-Celeprint, nFlexion LLC, US




"I visited Think Silicon in order to get a better picture about their graphics technology. During my visit, the team of the company presented their IP portfolio as well as their patented technology. The graphics and display processors of the company are of exceptionally small silicon area and are ideal for Wearable and IoT devices, which is a current worldwide trend in technology and its application. What really impressed me was a live demonstration with Nema|p running as soft-IP at 24MHz and still was able to achieve high frame rates running 2D and 3D graphics applications. This shows the high capabilities of the excellent hardware architecture and its deployment in low power / ultra low power application. I would appreciate to be kept in the loop about further developments of Think Silicon."

-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Hübner          Chair of Embedded Systems of the information Technology, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany



"In our work with ThinkSilicon, they have been highly innovative and contributed a range of great ideas to get power consumption down and performance up for very low-power, small-area GPUs. This has made working with ThinkSilicon on R&D projects to be highly rewarding to us at Codeplay"


-Andrew Richards          CEO, Codeplay Software, United Kingdom