A decompression module that can be integrated with any display controller

Think Silicon’s decompression technology is now also available as a standalone IP module, allowing the benefits of its unique compression algorithms to be used with any third-party display controller.

NEMA®|TSC™ D is designed for customers, who are using Think Silicon’s NEMA®|GPUs in their SoCs but still want to use a different or existing in-house display controller, exploiting at the same time the advantages of Think Silicon’s patented TSC™ “Compression-Decompression” Technology.

By decoupling the decompression-module from Think Silicon’s own display controller, NEMA®|dc, Think Silicon offers to its customers more flexibility when designing their SoC project.

Based on Think Silicon’s framebuffer compression technology, TSC™FB, NEMA®|TSC™ D enables the minimization of the external memory density (or even makes it obsolete). Also, it decreases the number of memory access cycles, lowering the power consumption, while maintaining image quality and extending the battery life of hand-held, wearable and embedded small-display devices.

NEMA®|GPUs employ block-based lossy compression algorithms, allowing 4bpp or 6bpp compression, while using limited silicon area. The information delivered to the framebuffer is encoded with the above-mentioned algorithms and the display controller is responsible for decoding and displaying it.

The NEMA®|TSC™ D slots in between the display controller and the system fabric (AHB/AXI), as illustrated in the figure below and is responsible for decoding the data received from the framebuffer.

NEMA®|TSC™ D currently supports up to 4 layers, compressed or uncompressed, AHB/AXI interface fabric, and can decode data that are compressed with both TSC™4 or TSC™6 algorithms (4bpp or 6bpp). Finally, it supports several output formats and variations, allowing developers to fine-tune the trade-off between quality versus size and memory bandwidth.

For more information about NEMA®|TSC™ D, please do not hesitate to contact us at info(at)think-silicon.com.