NEMA®|GUI-Builder is a graphical cross-platform software framework enabling rapid high-end Graphics User Interface (GUI) development on low resource hardware. Any small-display Wearable and Embedded device gets a smooth and seamless graphics and animation experience tailored for fast, responsive touch screen applications. NEMA®|GUI-Builder takes full advantage of the NEMA® GPU and Display Controller product line and guarantees a low cost per unit ratio with an unparalleled battery life performance.




Today's smartphone touch display and user-interfaces quality, has raised the bar very high. The end-user takes this experience and judge directly the quality of any other small-display device. The NEMA®|GUI-Builder provides a library of basic and advanced GUI Widgets to build a user-Interface which delivers instant response, intuitive interaction and touch gestures with a modern design and a strong brand identity.  NEMA®|GUI-Builder stands out with a cohesive look and feel across small-display wearable and embedded device product platforms.




SoC s with Cortex –M or A microcontroller and a NEMA® GPU/Display Controller are the perfect combination for NEMA®|GUI-Builder to develop, not just appealing user-interfaces, but also to achieve outstanding ultra-low power results and sharpening the device power envelope.

NEMA®|GUI-Builder is designed to reduce significantly the time of the GUI development by simply drag-n-drop common control and input elements (e.g. buttons, text-fields, sliders, frames, labels, etc.)  on the GUI surface  by using  a large set of Widget library. NEMA®|GUI-Builder automatically produces power and performance optimized  code, with a small memory footprint by utilizing the 3D features of the NEMA®|GPU-Series and their powerful abilities.





NEMA®|GUI-Builder is built on NEMA®|GFX-API (Think Silicon® Graphics API) and supports power-aware code generation. It allows the programmer to estimate any resource-related restrictions, including detailed calculations of the image-data and the executable file-size. NEMA®|GUI-Builder has a very transparent structure where the underlying NEMA®|GFX-API Library provides a vast number of parameters, supporting the programmer to understand which adjustments need to be executed, to get the utmost power, performance and stability results.




For further information please download the NEMA®|GUI-Builder product brief adobe-pdf-document-icon.