RISC-V Multicore 3D GPGPU

One of a kind

NEOX™ is a parallel multicore and multithreaded GPU architecture based on the RISC-V RV64C ISA instruction set with adaptive NoC. The number of cores varies from 4 to 64 cores organized in 1-16 cluster elements, each configured for cache sizes and thread counts . Depending on cluster / core configuration, NEOX™ compute power is ranging from 12.8 to 409.6 GFLOPS at 800MHz with support for FP16, FP32 and optionally FP64 and SIMD instructions.



Application and Markets


Scalable to match multiple applications & performance levels

NEOX™ is highly configurable in the number of cores, cache sizes and thread count of the array elements. Multithreading hides long latency delays from external memory controller maintaining high computation throughput for the entire array.


Deliverables, Software & Integration*

NEOX™ SDK, System Verilog RTL, Integration Tests, LLVM C/C++ compiler, GCC C/C++ compiler. Custom instructions for Computer Graphics, Compute and AI, and user defined extensions. Evaluation on Xilinx SoC FPGA platform and SW Cycle Accurate Simulator. Supported OS: Linux, RTOS, Wear OS.

Listed items represent a super-set and are subject to change without further notice.

IP is available for selected clients and technology partner within the alpha-test program framework 2020

For additional information, download the NEOX™ product brief from here.