The Battery Dilemma!

Over sixty four 64% (and growing) of todays’ mobile-users are not satisfied with their battery life! Thirty 30% of the first generation smartwatch buyers returned their watches because the battery last less than 1 day of regular usage. The majority of todays’ available devices and their embedded SoCs are not power optimized to meet todays and future user expectations. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has put extended battery life at the top of the requirements list for new products.

NEMA®|GPU-SERIES – Unique Architecture Advantages Powered by a New Rendering Technology

NEMA® is the first GPU architecture specifically designed for the ultra low power demands of the broader IoT and Wearable market. Unlike the competition, which just downscaled legacy Mobile-GPU architecture and turned them into ‘new’ IoT GPUs, Think Silicon® was going the opposite way. In close collaboration with our customers and OEMs, we analysed the next generation devices and software applications and developed from scratch a radical new architecture, the NEMA®|GPU-Series.

NEMA® incorporates a power-efficient Display and content-aware rendering technology and several proprietary compression techniques. NEMA® GPUs are dynamically controlling the precision of the arithmetic and memory operations adapting to any display resolution or even type (e.g. round, curved, or flexible) and are vertically designed for the efficient execution of the graphics workload required by vivid 3D GUIs. Innovative methods to reduce GPU-to-Display traffic, combined with the proprietary compression techniques shrink the required graphics memory. The compressed: frame-buffer, images and software libraries, are so small in size (typical 360kByte) that they fit into the internal SoC memory. Expensive off-chip DDR memory utilization can be minimized if not entirely eliminated.

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