NEMA®|dc is not just an ordinary display controller, it is a real “Swiss Army Knife”.

It contains several smart tools and functions to compose multiple graphics and video layers by improving image quality and reducing the SoC power consumption. NEMA®|dc supports powerful composition features, a wide range of display interfaces, and advanced proprietary frame-buffer compression technology.
The core is designed to lift the workload off the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or the host processor (CPU), and minimize the memory bandwidth. Multiple layers can be clipped, positioned and composed on the final display by overlaying video, subtitles, graphics, cursors or application windows, with or without transparency.

Markets and Applications


NEMA®|dc is flexible and configurable while at compile-time allowing engineers to select the number of layers, functionality of composition modules and processing methods tailored to their requirements.

Power Savings

For additional information please download the NEMA®|dc Product Brief.