Software Support

  • OS support
    • FreeRTOS
    • Bare metal Library (no OS)
    • Linux
  • Graphics API support
    • Bare-Metal Library in portable ANSI C
  • Software Emulators and suites
    • NEMA®|dc-API
    • NEMA®|PIX-Presso (non commercial version)

NEMA®|dc simplifies software integration and it supports multiple OS, such as FreeRTOS, and Linux. A fully documented bare metal library of primitive graphics functions is available for OS-less systems. The bare metal library, written in the form of an API, is portable (pure ANSI C with no dependencies) and comes together with application-notes describing how to program NEMA® |dc and enable its composition features.

PRE-Sales Tool: The software package comes together with NEMA®|dc-API and NEMA®|PIX-Presso (non-commercial version), a software utility for converting images to/from formats suitable for low power embedded devices.

For additional information please download the NEMA®|dc Product Brief.