Innovation and architectural brilliance bring performance graphics rendering to the smallest and most power conscious embedded display devices. Minimal silicon area of only 0.1mm2 (@28nm), lowest MCU utilization of less than 5% and GPU power consumption of under 1mw*, makes NEMA®|pico XS truly an agile GPU superstar.

* At 28nm, at 100 MHz, TSMC 28HPC+                                                                                                     ** Mickey Mouse® watch face  


Hardware accelerated graphics is the key to successful end user display products
Hardware GPU rendering is the key element to accelerate GUI composition at 60+ fps in small form factors. Fast 2D GUI execution and the possibility to display clean and precise content for intuitive and vibrant human-machine interaction are the success factors to build exciting display devices, which end users will love using.

No frills - No burden - No compromise
NEMA®|pico XS is designed for devices where CPU, on-chip memory battery and bandwidth are very limited and is optimized to work with MCUs (ARM® M class, ARC® EM5D, RISC-V) on a bare metal / RTOS, with clock frequencies as low as 10MHz (not limited). The tiny graphics library is as small as 30k Bytes fitting into the smallest on-chip DDR or Flash memory. The software driver stack, SDK and toolkit “NEMA®|GFX”, provides an easy to use programming environment with aggressive power savings, intelligent composition, rendering and bandwidth modifications to build appealing ultra-low power graphical user experience.

Application and Markets
A fast 2D GUI interface and the NEMA®|pico XS is the perfect candidate to support entry level IoT-platforms, wearable and embedded devices with low cost and ultra-low power requirements supporting SoCs with a 32-bit MCU (e.g. ARM®| Cortex®| M processors) and provide fluid 2D graphics experience for a wide range of applications.

Developers are able to create compelling 2D Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and software applications with ultra-long battery life at a significantly lower cost for power-memory-area constrained IoT devices.

A fast 2D GUI interface and the NEMA®|pico XS has been designed for graphics efficiency in ultra-compact silicon area and it is the smallest member of the NEMA®|pico family. Its fixed point data path and instruction set architecture (ISA) are tailored to GUIs acceleration and small display applications leading to substantial improvements in power consumption and silicon area.

NEMA®|pico XS microarchitecture is based on a lean version of NEMA® ISA and it combines hardware-level support for multi-threading, VLIW and low-level vector processing in the most power efficient way.

Integration / Verification
The NEMA®|pico XS GPU IP Platform is available in Verilog and is easy to integrate and verify. NEMA®|pico XS ASIC reference designs have been verified in various process technologies.

NEMA®|pico XS is designed with AMBA® interfaces.

The core has been verified through extensive simulation and rigorous code coverage measurements. It comes together with a complete verification suite that ensures correct migration to target technology nodes.

For additional information please download the NEMA®|pico XS Product Brief.