Hardware Components

o Programmable Shader engine with a VLIW instruction set

o Command list based DMAs to minimize CPU overhead

o Primitive Rasterizer

o Texture Mapping Unit

o Display Controller (optional)

Image Transformation

o Texture mapping

o Point sampling

o Bilinear filtering

o Blit support

o Rotation any angle

o Mirroring

o Stretch (independently on x and y axis)

o Source and/or destination color keying

o Format conversions on the fly

Blending Support

o Fully Programmable Alpha blending modes (src and dst)

o Source/Destination color keying



Drawing Primitives

o Pixel / Line drawing

o Filled rectangles

o Triangles (Gouraud Shaded)

o Quadrilaterals

Text rendering supports

o Bitmap antialiased (A1 / A2 / A4 / A8 )

o Font Kerning

o Unicode (UTF8)

Color formats

o 32-bit RGBA8888 / BGRA8888 / ABGR8888

o 24-bit RGB

o 16-bit RGBA5551 / RGB565

o 8-bit Α8 / L8 / RGB332

o 4-bit A4 / L4

o 2-bit A2 / L2

o 1-bit A1 / L1

o TSCTM** Read Only

o YUV Read Only


** Think Silicon Compression (proprietary)

For additional information please download the NEMA®|pico XS Product Brief.