NEMA®|SHADER-Edit is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the NEMA®|tS Toolchain. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly vertex and fragment shading editor with an integrated compiler. The editor can be used for compiling vertex and fragment shaders written in Open Graphics-Standards Shading Language. NEMA®|SHADER-Edit allows GLSL programmers to easily build and debug the input shaders without the need for a deeper knowledge of the internal operation of NEMA®|tS toolchain.

Its minimal design approach allows every user to use it easily and generate optimal vertex and fragment shaders.

NEMA®| SHADER-Edit eases the generation of NEMA® GPUs executables. Developers can easily build, debug and optimize ESSL shaders without knowing about the internal operation of NEMA® GPU’s toolchain.

This is a very useful path for applications that wish to remain portable by shipping pure ESSL source shaders, yet would like to avoid the cost of compiling their shaders at runtime.

The editor also reports various statistics as well as includes disassembly functionality that can be further used for debugging purposes. The core interface of the NEMA®| SHADER-Edit consists of two parts (or four panels) :

  • Vertex  ESSL shaders editor (left upper side of the GUI)
  • Fragment ESSL shaders editor (right upper side of the GUI)
  • Build information  log (left bottom side of the GUI)
  • Toolchain information log (right bottom side of the GUI)


NEMA®|SHADER-Edit has a user-friendly menu bar to navigate, and operations such as Toolchain path set up, Vertex/Fragment shader editing and  Shader program binary build can be executed fast and easy. Furthermore, additional information is offered in the case of NEMA® GPU hardware acceleration. In the Info Log panel, statistics about the number of the required execution cycles and the total instructions are displayed.

NEMA®|SHADER-Edit gives the ability to compile and link the given vertex/fragment shaders returning back the final program binary through a command line interface and also use precompiled shader programs in Open Graphics-Standards.

For further information please download the NEMA®|SHADER-Edit adobe-pdf-document-icon.