A utility software for converting images to/from formats suitable for low power embedded devices

NEMA®|PIX-Presso is a utility for converting images to formats suitable for low power embedded devices. The purpose of the Converter is to act as an easy to use companion for graphics developers in order to adapt images to applications requirements. It supports both uncompressed and various compressed image formats that allows the developers to explore image quality versus performance/power consumption trade-offs. NEMA®|PIX-Presso comes also with a comparison functionality that is very useful to locate the spatial differences (in a pixel-by-pixel basis) between a source and a target image. In addition, the average difference between two images is reported using the well-known RMSE metric.

NEMA®|PIX-Presso has a user-friendly UI allowing the developers to identify the suitable image format for a given application scenario. It supports several image formats like 16-bit and 32-bit RGB (with and without transparency), grayscale and transparency-only formats of various sizes, png and jpeg formats as well as Think Silicon's proprietary and patented formats (TSC™4, TSC™6 and TSC™6a) that offer high compression ratios (4 and 6 bits-per-pixel respectively). TSC™ texture and framebuffer compression formats are ideal solutions for devices with scarce on-chip storage and memory bandwidth resources.



Format: TSC™6, Size: 576 KB


Format: TSC™4, Size: 384 KB

(Resolution 1024 x 768)
(Resolution 1024 x 768)

Format: RGBA8888, Size: 3.07 MB
(Resolution 1024 x 768)

parrots_tsc6hq_diff parrots_tsc4hq_diff 


  1. Supports png, 32-bit RGBA, 16-bit RGBA, luminance only (L-family), transparency only (A-family) and TSC™ formats.

  2. TSC™ texture and framebuffer compression (4 or 6 bpp) in various speed vs. quality tradeoffs.

  3. Comparison between original and converted image in a pixel-by-pixel basis

  4. Installers for Windows and Linux based systems.

For further information please download a non-commercial version of the  NEMA®|PIX-Presso User Manual and the NEMA®|PIX-Presso for Windows and Linux from the download page.